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LMP Motorsport

  • Announcement & Sticky
  • 20130428
    Current forum name - GTR G40
    Xbox Live Gamertag - EVR Quattro
    New Forum Name - EVR Quattro

    by CQR Rogue - Comments: 765 - Views: 15098
  • 20190608
    I hope everyone has been enjoying racing at TORA so far this year. With TASCAR wrapping up, we will have had four full series (TASCAR, Production Sedan, GT-300, and Vintage Iron), and 3 highly popular endurance races (Daytona, Sebring, and the Indy 500) completed. We have many more series and endurance races coming up later this year, so be sure to stay tuned!

    Like the beginning of the year, I do have a couple of updates for everyone.

    1. Series Ratings - In my post back in January, I talked about the new “Series Ratings” that we will be applying to TORA series...

    by Ax4x Big Ben - Comments: 0 - Views: 10002
  • 20190608
    We are launching an official TORA Discord Server! We will post an open link on the forums so that all members, new and old, can join the server. You can find the link here (https://discord.gg/E265mhs). There are important things about the server to remember:

    • This is NOT replacing the forums. The Discord will be used for contacting TORA staff at short notice and to discuss current series. All series registration/license applications will remain on these forums.
    • This is NOT required....

    by Ax4x Big Ben - Comments: 0 - Views: 10006
  • 20190608
    Please Note: The intention of these ratings is that anyone can still race in any series. This was designed in a way to convey the difficulty of the series as well as our expectations for driving standards.  

    Tier 1 (Multi-Class): TEC, ASCC, BGT, etc. (Color: GOLD)
    These series are among the most difficult, and are designed for the most experienced drivers on the site. Two or more classes on the track at the same time requires extra spatial awareness, whether it be a sprint race or an endurance race.
    It is not encouraged that a driver make their...

    by Ax4x Big Ben - Comments: 0 - Views: 362
  • 20160128
    Hi All,

    I made a quick form for you all to send us any suggestions you might have for the site, can be filled in anonymously too should you with to leave out your Gamertag

    by TJSteel - Comments: 0 - Views: 5093
  • 20150720
    Before submitting an SI, please click the spoiler below.

    Help us help you by making the process more efficient.

    Staff and stewards are volunteers, please respect that and please follow the instructions to ensure your SI is acceptable.

    Snape kills Dumbledore:


    by LMR Deftone MX - Comments: 0 - Views: 8548
  • Topics
  • 20181010
    Hey everyone,

    It has been a while since I've posted here but I am here to say that we're looking for a multitude of people.

    We're looking for committed drivers looking to race here regularly, along with painters and tuners to help further our successes here at the team.

    So if this fits you and your personality, please drop me, LMP Crimsonify, TheyCallMeBubz or LMP Grizz a private message here on the forums or on Xbox Live.

    We're looking to grow and grow fast, we need...

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 3 - Views: 458
  • 20171228
    Hey everyone!

    We're doing a massive giveaway with our pals at Hype Energy and you guys can enter it here!


    Good luck and have fun!

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 0 - Views: 252
  • 20151113
    Hey everyone,

    I am making a quick post to say that the team are looking for drivers to stay with us in the long haul.

    If you're new to TORA, our team offers an excellent driver development program to help you build your skills and pace here at TORA. So we're a great development team and we're quite small for a relatively successful team. Any previous experience elsewhere is a great asset but nowhere near necessary.

    We offer a training program sure, but we are looking for committed drivers for a long haul. We'll build you up over time but your experience will be...

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 15 - Views: 1060
  • 20170103
    Hello everyone.

    New year, new racing season, new race seats available.

    We're looking for talented drivers looking to join a successful virtual race team running for 5 years running and going into our 4th year here at TORA.

    Due to some internal circumstances, we're looking to recruit some new drivers to the team to represent us and our sponsor on the track here at TORA and we've got a whole range of varied and different seats here at the team that someone like you could fill.

    The team is ramping up it's effort to push for more titles in championships to...

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 3 - Views: 564
  • 20170402
    Hello everyone,

    Dragon here,

    Building on our success in our previous endeavour in the British GT Winter series, the team have their sights set on defending their GT4 title, previously won by LMP Statistic and LMP The Lad.

    This season, our Mercedes Benz AMG GT S is looking to build on that success, in comparison to our Winter Series Porsche Cayman.

    The team will consist of the team owner LMP Dragon, along with the talented duo of LMP Renegade and LMP Grizz.

    We are proud to be running our campaign in this series with our partners Hype Energy...

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 3 - Views: 568
  • 20161021
    Hey everyone!

    Dragon here.

    I am proud to announce that LMP Motorsport have partnered with Hype Energy on a sponsorship!

    Read more here and go and give our friends @Hypeenergy a follow on social media!


    LMP Dragon

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 1 - Views: 471
  • 20151115
    Hey everyone.

    This is the official post which I will be updating regarding current team drivers.

    As of 15/11/2015
    LMP Dragon
    LMP Statistic
    THEwackysack X3
    RW26 BLAZE
    BosS OMG

    As of 18/11/2015
    LMP Dragon
    LMP Statistic
    THEwackysack X3
    RW26 BLAZE
    BosS OMG
    Fazed Intro

    As of 2/12/2015
    LMP Dragon
    LMP Statistic

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 0 - Views: 549
  • 20141215
    Just a quick post to say that the team is proudly recruiting drivers!

    You don't have to be quick to race with us, just loyal, consistent and always up for a new challenge!

    PM me for information if you are interested!

    Both Forza Motorsport 5 drivers and Forza Motorsport 4 drivers are welcome to apply! Or, if you are from a different area of racing, such as iRacing or Virtual Motorsports, we are recruiting people like you as well!

    LMP Motorsport is an up and coming TORA race team, with drivers from multiple areas and backgrounds! We have gradually been...

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 0 - Views: 570
  • 20141104
    Hello everyone.

    I am pleased to announce that our driver lineup has expanded. We would like to welcome Ravenbeast5, from RSA, to the team!

    Ravenbeast5 has been in LMP Motorsport a while now, originally joining in Grid Autosport outside of TORA.

    He has signed up for TORA and will proudly represent the team in Forza Motorsport 5.

    Give him a warm welcome!

    Our driver line up currently stands as the following people below:
    LMP Turismo
    The British 1st

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 0 - Views: 511
  • 20140709
    Hello everyone!

    On behalf of LMP Motorsport, I am proud to announce our participation in the MSA TORA Touring Car Championship Season 9.

    The team have previously ran the championship before and it is with great pleasure to say we are returning for the new season.

    Our result last year was above what we were expecting which really gave us a motivational boost. It was safe to say the competition was fierce and it gave us a real challenge for the series. Which we enjoyed a lot.

    Anyway, that is LAST season. Let's go on about our plans for this season.

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 2 - Views: 766
  • 20140307
    Announcement time!

    LMP Motorsport are going to run the GT category of the TEC with an Aston DBR9 as the chosen car.

    We have not confirmed a paint job for the car yet, but we can confirm the drivers who will be running each race in the championship.

    #33 (CarbonViper93)
    #221 (MrRaZzT)
    #515 (RW26 BLAZE)

    We are willing to take on drivers who are wanting to take part and don't have a drive, so don't be afraid to ask if you need a drive!

    After our strong 24h of LM finish, we are confident to leave a mark on the scoreboards this year.

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 2 - Views: 672
  • 20140121
    Hello all!

    I am happy to announce we will have 3 drivers running the M3 GT2 in the EGT. Myself, ll Strik3r ll and JJKILLER996 will take on this 6 round championship.

    I apologise for not updating the other pages that I have regarding team liveries. I will do that and in the mean time, look forward to the New Year and happy racing!

    CarbonViper93 out.

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 3 - Views: 643
  • 20131203

    It is with much anticipation we have decided to enter 2 teams into the Spec Cup S4 for LMP Motorsport!

    I will be in the Alcon S2000 along with RocketManCan, with JJKILLER996 and Awesomeg4mer123 in the Brembo S2000.

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 0 - Views: 544
  • 20130831

    LMP Motorsport are planning on entering the MSA TORA Touring Car Championship Season 8. We are planning to enter as a team, we need your interest by 1/09/13 for drivers, short notice, but if none is found, LMP Motorsport will enter as a privateer. We also need a tuner to help us with our setups for the championship. We will be running a Lexus IS300 for this championship.

    Thanks for looking at this and we hope to hear back soon. Please PM me if interested.


    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 0 - Views: 1362
  • 20130808

    Another news update, LMP Motorsport are planning to enter the demolition derby series if it gets the all clear! Cannot wait to get involved and put our hard worked cars into a brawl, we will update you in this post as soon as the news comes.

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 0 - Views: 678
  • 20130731
    Hello everyone!

    I am encouraging you guys to help give me some confidence and motivation, as I just haven't been myself, any comments posted in here that are deemed supportive, feel free to post, ugh... Why must I be so dull, boring and just annoying in general? I cannot help feeling this way but I guess it is because I go through a lot, can you all try and give me some support?



    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 21 - Views: 1023
  • 20130729
    How do we even begin to review the 2 seasons of the Spec Series. Here are our highlights.

    Season 1: Volkswagen Golf GTI VR6 Mk 3 `98
    Season one began with us in Round 5 & 6 in Hockenheim. CarbonViper93 was the only driver in the series for LMP Motorsport in the races, with an 8th place finish in Lobby C on a debut and then 7th in Lobby C in Round 6. Round 7 & 8 saw us fly over to Tsukuba, Japan, with CarbonViper93 finishing 2nd in Lobby D in both round 7 & 8. Round 9 & 10 was a finale at the Camino Viejo De Montserrat Mountain circuit, where CarbonViper93...

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 0 - Views: 589
  • 20130728
    We are currently running in the ISCC. We are proud to run it. The drivers are CarbonViper93 and MrRaZzT. We have decided to enter the series with the stricken Viper GTS-R. As this has a handicap that is quite harsh, the competition for us is very low down. However, we are currently the highest team of 2 that have got the most points overall. We are running 10th and 12th in the drivers championship for GTE after Round 2 at Road America and currently stand 5th in the teams for GTE. This area will bring you news from the side of testing and results. We are currently standing a strong ground and we...

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 0 - Views: 632
  • 20130706
    This section of the team page is dedicated to showing you and updating the team liveries for different types of TORA series. We hope you like them!
    LMP Motorsport Kn_tor14 Here is the S1 Spec Series Volkswagen Golf Mk3 that LMP Motorsport entered for the TORA Spec Series S1 Cup 1.

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 0 - Views: 739
  • 20130624
    Well, with the new generation of game consoles coming soon, we have decided what LMP Motorsport are going to do in the future, in line with the new consoles, LMP Motorsport will be carrying it's team and current TORA drivers over to Forza Motorsport 5, with still trying to bring close and fair competition to the track. In line with this will also be an updated logo and team design, as well as hopefully bringing more hopes and dreams to people in TORA and Forza Motorsport 5. We hope to see you on the track and also we also hope that we will be able to recruit and help become one of the best teams...

    by LMP Dragon - Comments: 0 - Views: 595

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