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LMP Motorsport

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LMP Motorsport

Post by LMP Dragon on Thu 13 Jun 2013 - 15:01

About LMP Motorsport
LMP Motorsport are a team that run various different categories of racing. The team is ran by 2 people: CarbonViper93 (Driver and Tuner), Pokey6733 (LMP Painter outside of TORA). We have had results recently in Season 1 of the Spec Series. We intend to keep the competition high and clean, as well as trying our best for the win. We are always looking for drivers willing to jon our team as we drive towards our goal of topping the leaderboards. We also have a few connections with Krypton Motorsports, who have ran in the past 3 seasons of the GT Sprint Championship. The team are always looking for challenges to tackle with the intention of keeping up with the competition. The team currently run the #893 (CarbonViper93) and in Season 5 of the ISCC with the #221 driver (Mr RaZzT) who agreed to drive for us this season. We hope to always achieve our goals and improve over time. We will keep this page updated with liveries and cars from various series.

CarbonViper93 - CarbonViper93 has had a lot of experience outside of TORA, mainly through multi-class racing, but felt the need for a real challenge, now he races in TORA. Driving the #893 car from Season 1 of the Spec Series and will be running a SRT Viper GTS-R for Season 5 ISCC. Looking to improve and have fun, while not annoying people with his chatting, CarbonVipe93 is slowly on his way to become one of the best drivers on Forza 4.

Pokey6733 - Pokey6733 drives for OGB Racigng but has a collaboration with LMP Motorsport and has been the team's painter for a while. Usually helping LMP Motorsport with paint's, he is a highly respected member of the team.

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