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HCR Twingo Cup - Build Rules

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HCR Twingo Cup - Build Rules

Post by HaydieT on Mon Apr 14, 2014 9:20 am

All Parts are mandatory and if a part isn't listed you can not use it.
This car IS fully tunable.

Engine & Power
Race Air Filter
Race Exhaust

Platform & Handling
Race Brakes
Race Springs
Race Anti Roll Bars (Front & Rear)
Race Roll Cage
Race Weight Reduction

Race Clutch
Race Transmission
Race Driveline
Race Differential

Tyres & Rims
Race Tyre Compound
Front Tyre Width 225 (Max)
Rear Tyre Width 225 (Max)
Rota Tarmac 3 Rims

Aero & Apperance
Forza Front Aero
Forza Rear Aero

PI: 472
Power: 160 HP
Torque: 143 LB-FT
Weight: 1,988 LBS
Front: 57%
Displ: 1.6L
Speed: 3.3
Handling: 6.3
Acceleration: 6.5
Launch: 6.3
Braking: 6.8

TORA Race Number : 11
Xbox One PC

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