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A Few Thoughts About Racing

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A Few Thoughts About Racing Empty A Few Thoughts About Racing

Note: this is a repost of some ramblings I had come up with last year. In light of some issues that have come up in recent weeks, it seems that some racers could use a few words about respect and sportsmanship. If you have read it before fine, if not let me step up to the pulpit and preach the sermon...

Being somehow involved in racing for longer than I can remember, I have learned a few things along the way. Much of what I learned about racers decades ago still applies in virtual racing...

We all race because we have one thing in common: our love of motorsport and passion for cars. While we may have some heated rivalries, at TORA or elsewhere, between ourselves and members of other teams, our rivals are usually good guys away from racing. If you were to meet any one of them outside of racing, and discuss your passion for the sport with them, you'd probably be fast friends.

All racers are a--holes. This is a proven fact. I had a sponsor prove this for me in front of my very eyes. During the driver's meeting, when everyone at the track was gathered for the pre race briefing, he shouted out "Hey A--hole!!!", and every single one of them turned around as if to say "Who, me?" I have done this a few times at various tracks, and the result is ALWAYS the same.

Races are unimportant. In the grand scheme of life, very very few races are remotely of any importance. Who won round 5 of TCC Season 6? Round 3 of GT S9? As important as those races were to us competitors at the time, in all actuality they really didn't matter much to anyone outside of those series, much less to anyone outside of TORA. Even then, they sure were not important enough to risk ruining your reputation by cheating or dirty driving, and your reputation is far more important than a race win.

Friendship can last forever. Over my years in racing, I have made many many friends. In fact, most of my friends, even my wife, I met through racing. There may be a few I thought were friends who turned into enemies of mine, but in all reality I have made more of my enemies into my friends than the other way around. Its amazing how an offseason encounter at the local strip joint, knocking back a few beers, can turn a bitter rival into a good friend, and how that unlikely friendship can last over many decades.

Race for fun. This is a fun hobby, keep it that way. Most of us already have a job, whether it is work or school, its a job. We do this for fun, do not make it seem like another job. When you do that, it takes the fun out of it for most everyone else too, as your win at all costs attitude will make them work harder to keep up.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Cheers, Mikey J

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A Few Thoughts About Racing :: Comments

F4H Hakkinen

Post on Sat 10 May 2014 - 8:03 by F4H Hakkinen


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Post on Sat 10 May 2014 - 16:00 by DeweyTee

Nice writeup Mike!

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