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MSA TORA GT Season 12 Rules and Regulations.

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MSA TORA GT Season 12 Rules and Regulations.

Post by F4H Lotterer on Sun 20 Jul 2014 - 12:29


General Rules & Driving Etiquette
GT racing, as defined by TORA, is a non contact sport. It is understandable that on occasion some contact may occur that is not expected by either party, for example due to lag. Competitors with 'lag' issues will not be penalized, but may be asked to improve their connection, if the issue is persistently hindering other's experiences please see connection section.

TORA expects competitors who partake in its championships and meetings to behave in an appropriate and respectable manner. Insulting comments or behaviour towards fellow competitors and race stewards is unacceptable and will be dealt with severely.

TORA expects all drivers taking part in the championship to have read and understood the TORA 2013/2014 Sporting Regulations Link - TORA 2013/14 Sporting Regulations


7.5.8 A driver may choose to protect his or her line so long as it is not considered blocking. Blocking is defined as two (2) consecutive line changes to “protect his/her line,” and in doing so, impedes the vehicle that is trying to pass with each of the two (2) consecutive movements. Drivers are encouraged to check with the Race Director for a full explanation before the start of the race. If, in the case of side-to-side contact, one of the two cars leaves the racing surface (involuntarily) then it may still be considered “a racing incident.”

Right to the Line

7.5.9 The driver in front has the right to choose any line, so long as not to be considered blocking. The driver attempting to make a pass shall have the right to the line when their front wheel is next to the driver of the other vehicle. Note: This rule may be superseded by class specific rules.

Rejoining the track

7.5.18 If all four wheels have left the track or you have become caught on sticky grass or sand you must rejoin at the nearest point compatible with safety. It is unfair and unacceptable to simply rejoin the circuit as quickly as possible without any regard for the drivers around you who have been able to retain control of their car. If this means stopping at the side of the circuit until safe to rejoin then that is what you must do, even if that means you rejoin last.

7.5.14 The track is defined by the painted lines surrounding the circuit this meaning you are to stay within these guidelines, all drivers are reminded that at least 2 wheels must be kept within the track limits (white lines, painted kerbs, edge of tarmac). Failure to adhere to these rules will result in a penalty.

7.5.15 It is prohibited for any competitor to come to a complete stop on or beside the circuit without good reason or the intention of retiring and leaving the race.

7.5.16 It is prohibited for any competitor to willfully drive their car at 60% or less of their usual race pace, either on or off the track during racing conditions.

2014 TORA MSA GT Season 12 Championships


This will be a championship fought by each driver for themselves. The total amount of points at the end of the series, minus the lowest scoring round from their overall points will be their final points total and will result in their position in the overall drivers standing at the end of the year. There will only be an overall Championship plus a separate table for privateers.


A team will be made up of up to three drivers, all driving the same car. This championship will be scored by the total points score of the top two drivers for each race meeting, over the course of the championship.

- Team Driver Changes
For the length of the entire series from Round 1 until the Final no team driver changes will be allowed.

- Substitute Drivers
For the length of the entire series from Round 1 until the Final no substitute drivers will be allowed.

Car Swaps
Once Sign Ups open any team/driver may choose their car. This car choice can be changed as required throughout the pre-season, however all teams/drivers will be locked into their current car choice after Round 1 has began Once this passes all drivers/teams must use their selected car and no car changes will be allowed. 

Car PI

Due to the fact that Forza Motorsport 5 is a new platform to us all we will continue to monitor the car balance between the start and mid-point for Season 12. We believe and are confident that the cars are indeed balanced and have proven to give similar laptimes around a variety of tracks, and a good balance difference between the types of tracks in the Season. However, as has been shown in the past we may miss a few things and a number of cars exceed their performance expectations over the course of the Season. 

To this effect TORA will make a decision at the mid-point of the Season , We may choose to make some minor PI changes to a number of cars at this stage, but will only be done so after much thought and understanding of what the cars are doing, and by gathering feedback from all the Teams and Drivers involved , Should we decide to alter a cars PI at the mid point stage all driver will be offered the opportunity to car swap with no penalty.

The current PIs on the cars will not change between now and the mid-point of the Season.

Any changes that are made will be minor and will only be done if there is an obvious flaw in our Car Builds and the performance difference is substantial. This will not be done on Driver and Team ability as we all have a good understanding of how much difference a good Driver/Team/Tune combination can have on the cars.

All the data collected throughout Season 12 will go on to make Season 13 even better.

Race Meeting
We ask that all competitors are on Xbox Live 15 minutes prior to the start of the race meeting, make sure their NAT settings are setup correct, and appearing online to everyone. Any competitor who does not follow these runs a very high risk of not receiving an invite, or being able to compete.

Each competitor must also post "IN" in the relevant race meeting thread on the TORA forums, until one hour before the race meeting at the very latest. Anyone who doesn't post “IN” in this time frame will not compete.

7.2 Qualification

7.2.1 Qualifying shall be ran before a race has started set to a x amount of laps or x amount of time as advised by race control in either 1 or 2 sessions as per series rulebooks. The results of these sessions will determine the starting grid and lobby order you are assigned too.
7.3 Post Qualification Proceedings

After Qualification has finished Race Control will update the Live Timing hub, which will display qualification results
You will receive a game invite after lobby hosts and lobbies are sorted, these will be displayed in the Live Timing Hub
We estimate the above process to take between - 10 - 30 Minutes

There will be 1 qualifying sessions per race meeting.

- A roll off delay will be in effect to accommodate a greater opportunity for clean running and driving concentration. Collisions will be set off, and damaged will be SIMULATION.

- Qualifying 1 will be set to 6 laps, 1 warm-up lap, 4 qualifying laps, and the last is used for the lobby hosts to collect times before competitors cross the line to finish the session. "Clean" qualifying laps are over "Dirty" laps. A slower "Clean" lap will start the race ahead of a quicker "dirty" lap. Make it count!
These times are used to denote who will be in which race lobby.

- Once Qualifying  is over, ‘Live Timing’ will be updated along with who will host the various racing lobbies. TORA will ensure that this process is completed as quickly as possible but please expect a minimum of a 10 minute break after the qualifying session for which the TORA team will set up race lobbies.

- Any driver who had not set a qualifying time will be able to join the race at the back of the lowest lobby, upon the race directors approval.

- Any qualifying is set to collisions off, and damage to Simulation.


Race will start in a rolling start in order of qualifying positions.

- Collisions during all races will be on, and set with Simulation Damage. All driving aids will be available, apart from ABS, STM and auto-brake. Steering will be a choice between "simulation" & "normal"

Each race will be between 45 and 60 mins in length, denoted by a set number of laps. Racing conditions will end at the chequered flag, racing to end the lobby race session.

Rolling Starts

7.4.4 The grid will start under rolling start, competitors will be instructed to drive in single file at speeds that do not exceed 100 MPH (160 KPH), Race control reserves right to lower maximum speed if needed.
7.4.5 Upon on reaching a predetermined point on circuit drivers will be instructed to form side by side at speeds that do not exceed 60 MPH (96KPH)
7.4.6 The driver in pole position will ask if the last place driver is lined up in formation and the lead drivers will accelerate after instructing “Green Green Green”, race conditions will begin upon “Green Green Green!” command.
Pace Car - Driver
7.4.7 The Pace Car Driver is responsible for the safe operation of the Pace Car at the direction of Control. The Pace Car Driver must take steps to ensure that the Pace Car is utilized correctly as per race director or Lobby Host instructions.

Mandatory Pit Stops

7.5.11 Drivers will be instructed on pitstop race conditions by Race Control but must make sure they are familiar with the specific championship series rules

There will be mandatory one pit-stop required during all races in this season. Additional pit-stops to repair damage are allowed as required.

Pit Stops must not take place within the first two laps nor the final two laps of a race session.

Safety Cars
7.8.1 There are no designated ‘safety car’ vehicles utilised in our championships, due to the limited nature of online race lobbies. However TORA does operate general safety car regulations which provide a similar outcome, with the lead vehicle acting as a safety car in the lobby to slow the cars to a safe speed whilst any obstruction is cleared from the circuit and allowing affected competitors to repair any damage and catch up with the rest of the field.
When a Safety Car is used

7.8.2 The Safety Car will only be deployed if an incident or incidents occur between three or more competitors that severely impairs both competitors race. Only a driver involved in the incident may request the safety car, and make the request to the Lobby Captain who makes the decision for the safety car period to be used.
7.8.3 The Safety Car may not be requested during the final two laps of a race.
Forming a Safety Car Period
7.8.4 In the event of a safety car period being called, the lead car takes the role of the Safety Car or Pace Car. The Safety Car must not exceed 80mph (unless otherwise stated) and the pack must form in current race position in single file.
Conduct During a Safety Car Period
7.8.5 Drivers involved in the incident should form at the back of the pack, in order of relative position before the incident. Competitors must keep a distance of no less than 80ft (25m) during the Safety Car Period. Brake testing during the Safety Car period will not be tolerated and will lead to penalties, either race meeting points or championship points.
7.8.6 Warming of tyres is permitted but must be undertaken in a safe manner with due consideration given to other competitors both in front and behind.
7.8.7 Competitors who leave the track by their own volition during the Safety Car period may be passed by the rest of the pack and the competitor will form at the back of the field.
7.8.8 Drivers not involved in the incident may pit during a Safety Car Period, but will resume the race at the back of the field. If the grid has not formed by the time the pole sitter reaches the pit lane entrance, the safety car may continue for another lap. It is YOUR duty to ensure the safety of your fellow competitors.
7.8.9 The safety car will be released and racing conditions will resume at the start/finish line for the event once all competitors have rejoined the back of the pack in the correct order. Racing conditions will begin once all drivers are in position in single file confirmed by the last driver. Once confirmed the lead driver will shout “Green green green!” and drivers will be allowed to resume racing conditions straight away.

Race Restarts
7.4.8 If half the field is taken out on the first racing lap and all cars are severely damaged then the lobby host may call for a red flag and the race is restarted fully i.e. from the lobby
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