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I'll be back soon!

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I'll be back soon! Empty I'll be back soon!

Post by ErebusV8 on Sat 6 Dec 2014 - 0:57

Hey everyone,
This is not a stepping down, or leaving or a goodbye, I just wanted to let the community know that over the next few weeks, my activity will be dropping. This was an unforeseen scenario for myself and my family whereby the owners of the house we are currently renting in are having a baby and are looking to move back into our house, so we have to move house again... Evil or Very Mad
We have found and been approved for a house, only 10 minutes from where we are living now, which is a relief, but over the next three weeks (give or take) I will be busy packing and moving all of our stuff to the new house.

This coming week (up until the 13th) should be ok, because it will only be packing, however the weekend of the 12th-14th we will be moving everything from our current house to the new one and unpacking as quickly as possible so all focus will be on that.

I know it may only be a short period of time that I won't be as active, but I thought I would notify you all, that that is why I have and will be not as active over the next few weeks.
Ferrari F40s will still be runnning on a Saturday night this week, next week possibly, and the week after as well for those entered

Thanks guys

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I'll be back soon! Empty Re: I'll be back soon!

Post by HCR Bellmond on Sat 6 Dec 2014 - 2:16

Hope all goes well buddy see you on the other side Smile
HCR Bellmond
HCR Bellmond

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I'll be back soon! Empty Re: I'll be back soon!

Post by Ax4x Mikey J on Sat 6 Dec 2014 - 2:55

Good luck mate, hope it all goes quick for you.

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I'll be back soon! Empty Re: I'll be back soon!

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