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TORA Outsider #2

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TORA Outsider #2 Empty TORA Outsider #2

...yes I'd like to have been a Judge, but I never had "the latin", I didn't have sufficient Latin for the Judging exams, so I became...
The TORA Outsider
...instead, the exam wasn't as rigorous for being The TORA Outsider, the only question was "Who are you?" and I passed with 75%

What?! So Soon after #1?

YES! But not for reasons that may have upset a few TORA Series organisers "but, you didn't mention mine!" don't worry, you'll get covered soon! This will be the regular timeslot of the TORA Outsider, I knew I wasn't going to please everyone with the first edition, if I were to cover every championship on here it would be a magnificent octopus of a novel, delayed more than the release date of a racing game we're all pining for (Thanks Slightly Mad Studios).

Hello to the many newcomers by the way, just because you're new here doesn't mean you don't have to read this Wink, I've typed it, its rubbish.

TORA Outsider #2 16573367095_484871fe54_o

An Update from the previous Outsider, for the Maximum Group V.A.G. Trophy, its going to be the final round Tomorrow (14th April), and CQR's "Friendly Forfeit" of the penultimate round has meant there are potentially 9 drivers looking at the Class-A title win, and another 6 looking at Class-B Glory, going into the two final races around the "Hilly Thruxton of America" in the form of the Road Atlanta Short layout (I'm gonna rib Matt about this until its not funny anymore (...its not funny anymore? oh ok then, back to Zolder being the Rockingham of Belgium)).

TORA Outsider #2 16500809545_d9d8548f68_b

...the "last hurrah"s continue for our official championships in the form of the GT Formula that kicked into gear on FM4 somewhere between season 8 and 9 in 2012, titled the "World GT" series, Organised by the majority of the Community Staff here (the boys in blue).

Initially, the only way to race the "Race" versions of GT cars, in Forza Motorsport on TORA, were in the GT1 and GT2 classes of what was originally called the TORA Le Mans Series back on Forza 3, but thanks to the depth of choice, from the Aston DBR9 to the Z4 BMW, given to us on Forza 4, and due to some nifty balancing of the "buckets", we've been able to mimic something not exactly the same as GT3, but still a formula Stefan Ratel would be proud of.

TORA Outsider #2 110
Cyber Racing (Ax4x) on the front row with a pole-sitting Porsche (HCR) given the Green Flag at Road America in World GT

2 Rounds (4 races) in, and the "Road"show double feature opened the World GT series, firstly Road Atlanta, wins for Scott McCracken (Porsche HCR) and the gamertagged "The British 1st" (Bilstien Aston). Followed by Elkhart Lake, where Hayden Thompson (Cyber Racing Aston Ax4X) took 2 wins in a row. However the points are rewarded for consistency, and keeping a close position behind the three race winners in the opening rounds has been David Hawes in another Cyber Racing Aston DBR9, aside from a Teams Championship (Lead by the same guys) and also an Independents Trophy (Bilstein Racing Aston), there are also points given to the "hard charger" in this series, points given to those who finish higher up the order than they started, something that often gets overlooked in many championships, not just on TORA either! A point is given for each position gained over a meeting, and Joe Lund has gained 16 places over the two venues, and tops this particular chart, in a (If the internet is full of cats then TORA is full of) Happy Cat Ford GT.

After the WEC weekend I mentioned in the previous Outsider, many of the boys in blue were also present at the Silverstone 6 Hours race weekend, therefore they have delayed the race that WOULD have been taking place on the same night, moving the next round at the Nurburgring to the 26th of April.

Entries are still open >>>Here<<<

Its Oz-Time! In the form of Australia's favourite Taxi, The V8 Supercar, Last seen in the guise of the "Puma V8 series" on FM4, TORA's Token Aussie Bradley Wingard is putting on a battle for the original two-tribes of thunder down under, on Forza 4 once more.

TORA Outsider #2 Jarrit10TORA Outsider #2 X9EPSmtl

A format that doesnt closely mimic the pattern of the real world counterpart, especially when there are statistically ZERO Australian based circuits (nope, not even a Wakefield Park), if truth be told, this version of v8s is somehow showing a lot more variety than the real deal! Each round seems to be different, double headers and/or triple headers, all with varying distances, and three enduros (that aren't held back-to-back!).

The "test weekend" is on the 25th of April (something that also has more racing than the quasi-controversial "super test" that took place in February) so there's still plenty of time to get your entry in to be a title contender >>>HERE<<<

Something that has been long overdue, too long overdue, ever since the Ford Transit appeared as DLC on Forza 4, there has been no excuse not to have a racing championship in these "cars", in the form of the "TORA Community Racers Builders Cup".

TORA Outsider #2 Getpho13
Michael Clements (Slider S15), someone who became the "John Mickel" of TORA
well before John Mickel became the "John Mickel" of John Mickel

I know what you're thinking, "Wait a minute(!) there's no real-world Ford Transit championship", and you'd be wrong, there was (and hopefully still is) a championship in Portugal running these vehicles (can't see any more details on this after 2011) , around a couple of the revived Portuguese street circuits aswell as the old F1 venue of Estoril, and the newer, tilkedrome-ish, Portimao (You'd expect there to be a British series at least doing laps around Lydden and Cadwell Park..., I can only assume there isn't one in the UK because there isn't enough metal in all the remaining steelworks in Britain to manufacture the roll-cages).

The Builders Cup Basics:
240 Horsepower, 40-odd more than the base model, the internals from the stock vehicle have been removed, including the spanners and buts of chippy wrapping paper to lighten the load to just over 3700 pounds, pushing it's performance index on FM4 up to 347, nearly 200 more pies than the standard vehicle.

A five race schedule, 2 meetings have passed since this edition of the Outsider went to press, with 2 races at each venue, the second being double the distance with the grid order in each lobby reversed.

More Details on the only online Van-based racing championship, and probably an estimate on your kitchen extention,

One more new championship on the way out of the TORA Community Racers department is something that's going to trigger off a few retro vibes in the TORA Paddock, especially for those who saw the historic touring cars at the 73rd Goodwood Members Meeting a couple of weeks back.

"TCR Classics"  with an array of cars longer than a classic car auction's wishlist. And at a Very British friendly time of 3.30pm BST on a Saturday, Mike Johannes and Callum Norris are in charge, and more info can be found >>>Here<<<

Another Friendly reminder about donating to TORA Via PayPal.

Recently your donations have gone towards the prizes we give away for certain championships, you've probably one won of them, imagine how bigger the prizes could be if everyone on TORA (more than a 1000 of you) Chipped in the 99p ($1.47/€1.36) per month, and then imagine what else we'd be able to do!

It also goes towards keeping our MSA status going, you may have read in the news lately of all the virtual organisations getting recognised, even racing simulators like iRacing, it was TORA that were the first to achieve this landmark by getting recognistion by the Motorsport Association of Great Britain (The UK Equivalent of the FIA), it's in the Guinness book of Records, not even Gran Tran on the playstation can claim that!

That's it for The TORA Outsider #2, thanks to the 600+ readers of the first Outsider.

I most royally shall now to bed, to sleep off all the nonsense I've just said...

...Good Racing Everyone
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