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I'm sorry (TCR IndyCar

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I'm sorry (TCR IndyCar Empty I'm sorry (TCR IndyCar

Post by RiverBlack JJ on Sat 18 Apr 2015 - 20:56

Hey everyone, i'm not sure if anyone posted on my behalf as i asked people from the FIFA league on TORA and CRA Morphader said no it was my responsibility. But i've been unable to access TORA because something personal happened on the Thursday evening that lead to me taking a urgent yet spontaneous trip up to Glasgow (i live in Essex) the following the morning, I am fine with the Sebring points counting and i apologise for anything caused but i hope it can be taken into consideration my reasons of why i was unable to host, i asked people to let TORA know but people either couldn't, refused or didn't get back to me.

With what happened, computer racing wasn't exactly a priority, in fact i didn't even have it on my mind. I haven't even had access to sign into tora cause only today have i had access to a laptop to sign in to explain. Round 3 will resume normal time time on thursday, Round 2 points will count, i hope everyone understands that it was a personal matter and which has lead me to travel 500 miles to ease things. And if i had access to explain sooner i would have.

(Added, if it is easier for everyone that the points do not count i am fine with this i just want what is best for everyone)
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