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SimRacers 2017 - Season 47 starts Jan 9th!

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SimRacers 2017 - Season 47 starts Jan 9th! Empty SimRacers 2017 - Season 47 starts Jan 9th!

Post by echovelocity on Mon 2 Jan 2017 - 18:40

SimRacers 2017 - Season 47 starts Jan 9th! 31588010660_3810bcffeb_o

Vintage racing returns with Season 47 at SimRacers!

I'd like to invite my fellow TORA members and anyone who is interested to join me in the main group I race with over at SimRacers!

Get behind the wheel of the #25 BMW Motorsport 3.0 CSL for an 8-race season at some of Forza's greatest race tracks. We'll be hosting our exhibition (practice) race at Yas Marina Corkscrew next Monday, January 9th at 9 PM EST, and hope to reach our average of 30+ active racers over the course of the season.

To sign up, please visit SimRonline.com or contact me on XBL, GT: echovelocity

Full build:

Car: 1975 BMW Motorsport 3.0 CSL #25 (not the art car version!)
PI: 772

Race Brakes
Race Clutch
Race Driveline
Race Differential

All other parts - stock

Tuning is allowed

All races are approximately 1 hour long, with racing to a set number of laps.

Also, there is a tune shared. Simply search by creator "echovelocity" or using the keywords "SimR" and "S47"


SimRacers 2017 - Season 47 starts Jan 9th! 31003092143_8aa272df11_o

Off-Night Series 1 - Porsche SuperCup

We're also expanding our racing on Forza this year with some short series and one-off events on Saturday night at 9 PM EST.

For our first one, I'll be hosting the Porsche SuperCup, using the 911 GT3 RS 4.0 and a build that comes very close to its real-world counterpart that is popular all over the world. All races will be about 30-40 minutes in length, set to a certain # of laps.


Starts January 7th (all dry races)

(Jan 7th) Race 1 - Daytona Full (24 HR track)
(Jan 14th) Race 2 - Road Atlanta
(Jan 21st) Race 3 - VIR
(Jan 28th) Race 4 - Laguna Seca


Car: 2012 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0
PI: S797

Race Intake
Race Exhaust
Race Flywheel

Race Roll Cage
Race Weight Reduction

Race Clutch
Race Transmission
Race Driveline
Race Differential

Race Tires
Max Tire Width

Forza Aero Front & Rear

15% Power Handicap

A tune is also shared under my gamertag, but as always - let me know if you are interested or need help with the build!


SimRacers 2017 - Season 47 starts Jan 9th! Talbot-Sunbeam-Lotus-1979-Forza-Horizon-3-Alpinestars-Car-Pack_XW

Horizon Nights

If you ever need a break from the serious races, but want something a little more organized than the usual public racing, join us on Wednesday nights at 9 PM on Forza Horizon 3! We'll be getting this started this Wednesday, January 4th - but look for events every week in the months ahead.

Our first night's themes are:

Tuner vs Muscle street racing
A modern rivalry that will battle it out on the open roads in the dead of the night.

P2P Racing with 750 PI limit for RWD and FWD vehicles and 725 PI limit for AWD vehicles.

Class 10 Buggy racing
Light and with plenty of wheel travel, the Class 10 buggies are perfect for bouncing around the countryside and providing close racing.

Cross country circuit racing with the Alumicraft Class 10 or Penhall The Cholla. PI limit: 700

If you have any questions about our Horizon nights, please contact Ix Morbid xI on XBL, or ask away on SimRonline.com


For those who don't know, SimRacers has been around since Forza Motorsport 1, and our Monday night feature races offer clean, competitive racing with drivers of all skill levels, and the full gamut of sim racing: formation laps, cautions, pit stops, and tons of back and forth battles!

In 2017, we'll be expanding to short seasons and one-off events on Forza Motorsport 6 on Saturday nights, as well as getting in on the fun of Forza Horizon 3 on Wednesday nights.

If you're interested, sign up at SimRonline.com

And if you have any questions, let me know - I'm one of the Team Owners Group and can help with anything you may need. GT: echovelocity

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SimRacers 2017 - Season 47 starts Jan 9th! Empty Re: SimRacers 2017 - Season 47 starts Jan 9th!

Post by ATP Wheelwash on Wed 4 Jan 2017 - 12:43

SimRacers 2017 - Season 47 starts Jan 9th! 31858318552_0d091886fa_c

Just finished the paint for the CSL, i would imagine there will be plenty of Jagermeister on the grid come next Monday
ATP Wheelwash
ATP Wheelwash

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