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Fuji Tourist Trophy // SimRacers

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Fuji Tourist Trophy // SimRacers Empty Fuji Tourist Trophy // SimRacers

Post by echovelocity on Wed 10 May 2017 - 23:31

Fuji Tourist Trophy // SimRacers 33393762213_2da451db9f_o

This is a series I've been wanting to run for a while and it's finally getting started after rigorous testing.

Based on endurance races that took place at Fuji Speedway in the late 60s and 70s, I picked 5 cars that raced in the actual events, and brought them together into one group for some variety in some 45-minute races. All are at a high C / low B class PI, so they have high handling but not a lot of speed, and each has its own quirks.

Group 2, which the cars are loosely based on, could be found at classic tracks like Spa, Bathurst, and Nurburgring at the time, and we're headed to those venues in the weeks ahead.

Practice Race - May 13th @ Watkins Glen
1st Race - May 20th @ Spa-Francorchamps

Note: While planned for Saturday night, if more people would rather race on Friday, that's what we'll do.

For more info and to sign-up, head here: http://simracers.myfreeforum.org/about4094.html


Extra Info: SimRacers is the main group I run with. They've been around since Forza Motorsport 1 and are known for their Monday night feature series. While we're at work on our upcoming A Class series for Season 49, I'm kicking off the next big Off-Night Series for those who are interested. Any questions, let me know - GT: echovelocity

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