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3rd Annual TORA INDY 500 Starting Grid

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3rd Annual TORA INDY 500 Starting Grid

Post by Radiation Louis on Sat 20 May 2017 - 20:55

A Lobby

Row 1
1st- Inside- WRA Tower- 237.266 MPH
2nd- Middle- DARK l MATTER- 236.879 MPH
3rd- Outside- frankiefresh332- 236.543 MPH

Row 2
4th- Inside- LMP Statistic- 236.232 MPH
5th- Middle- Mad Bull Ben- 236.102 MPH
6th- Outside- Joito04- 236.077 MPH

Row 3
7th- Inside- CarlsonsRaiders- 235.892 MPH
8th- Middle- DeductiveRain80- 235.842 MPH
9th- Outside- HCR Noodle- 235.731 MPH

Row 4
10th- Inside- TLR Eclipse- 235.688 MPH
11th- Middle- FIA LMC Alflo- 235.669 MPH
12th- Outside- HCR Cerberus- 235.540 MPH

Row 5
13th- Inside- HCR Hamish- 235.515 MPH
14th- Middle- FIA Berrio 7- 235.460 MPH
15th- Outside- speedfreak106- 235.460 MPH

16th- Inside- MID LAND ZETA- 235.300 MPH

B Lobby

Row 7
17th- Inside- XxBlueShockWaVe- 235.287 MPH
18th- Middle- RoxhCzech LP- 235.269 MPH
19th- Outside- Dragonsyoung- 235.263 MPH

Row 8
20th- Inside- CarbonFiberYeti- 235.238 MPH
21st- Middle- Mr Driv3- 235.165 MPH
22nd- Outside- AndrewDASRCN- 235.109 MPH

Row 9
23rd- Inside- JGROVES1996- 235.103 MPH
24th- Middle- DaytimeEar8- 235.072 MPH
25th- Outside- Hakanso- 234.986 MPH

Row 10
26th- Inside- FIA ARROYUELO- 234.919 MPH
27th- Middle- DiscoverOsiris- 234.527 MPH
28th- Outside- idg skyline- 234.478 MPH

Row 11
29th- Inside- NoDoubtFlatOut- 234.460 MPH
30th- Middle- FIA Jose Team- 234.234 MPH
31st- Outside- xLEGEND18FANx- 234.216 MPH

Row 12
32nd- Inside- ben51kart- 234.015 MPH

The following drivers will not be competing for overall win unless someone fails to show up for the race tomorrow at 3PM Eastern but will still be racing for a lobby win.

C Lobby

Row 13
33rd- Inside- xl IC3MaN412 lx- 234.009 MPH
34th- Middle- Chief Tokembowl- 233.918 MPH
35th- Outside- RiverBlack JJ- 233.741 MPH

Row 14
36th- Inside- GamingGotRacing- 233.681 MPH
37th- Middle- ForlornBear2717- 233.620 MPH
38th- Outside- fast x partime- 233.541 MPH

Row 15
39th- Inside- Br Mr Michaels- 233.444 MPH
40th- Middle- XB6 Broomzke- 233.266 MPH
41st- Outside- FIA Shuyin DK- 233.100 MPH

Row 16
42nd- Inside- Karter244- 231.600 MPH
43rd- Middle- MrCorrosive10- 229.885 MPH
44th- Outside- Rsome10- 226.757 MPH

Row 17
45th- Inside- xGATOR383x- 224.573 MPH

Radiation Louis

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