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Friendly Reminder To All Participants

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Friendly Reminder To All Participants

Post by HCR Motorhead on Mon 5 Jun 2017 - 21:21

Dear all participants,

For those that don't know, I have taken over duties as head steward. My first job was to investigate and dissect last round's 'action', if you can call it that. I've witnessed some shocking driving in my tenure here but not much is close to what I saw in the replay of just one race. I have spent a good 8 - yes, EIGHT - hours today looking through replays and discussing with staff about the incidents. Some penalties have been applied, some investigations are still ongoing. I never thought this role would be easy, but to spend this much time on something is a problem. A problem that I would like to go away one way or another. Let me make this clear: the stewards will not tolerate further bad behaviour in this series or any others for that matter. Escalated penalties will be applied to those that continue to do malicious and stupid things. For the worst offenders, I will liaise with respective Series Coordinators and they may apply executive decisions at their discretion.

Now, I hope I can prove that I'm actually a nice and approachable person. But please, behave, and be careful out there.

Many Thanks.

HCR Motorhead

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