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Formula E Xbox: SIGN UPS OPEN:

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Formula E Xbox: SIGN UPS OPEN:  Empty Formula E Xbox: SIGN UPS OPEN:

Post by RiverBlack JJ on Wed 30 May 2018 - 18:31

Formula E Xbox (FEX) is the all-new electric virtual racing series. A complete line up of all the teams from season 4, custom numbers with your names on the cars, 3 commentators for our Youtube series, where all the race edits and interviews will be uploaded too, 3 independent FIA stewards (specifically FIA, they do not race) and a graphic designer that has made our custom helmets to represent the drivers along with onboard tags for our youtube series, FEX aims to bring Formula E to a wider audience.

If you're interested in joining please follow the link here and click on the "start your career" page, follow the instructions and we'll get back to you.


Below are a selection of helmets designed for some of our drivers  

Formula E Xbox: SIGN UPS OPEN:  Psweet10Formula E Xbox: SIGN UPS OPEN:  Dherch10
Formula E Xbox: SIGN UPS OPEN:  Arredo10Formula E Xbox: SIGN UPS OPEN:  Cleece10
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