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Same/Similar Livery Rule Throwout!

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Same/Similar Livery Rule Throwout!

Post by Mr Driv3 on Sat 10 Nov 2018 - 3:00

There has been a new update in the livery rules for this series that is quite major and I think deserves the attention of everyone interested in running it. I have added a new section to the livery rules thread for everyone to see it but I will quote it here too so that nobody misses it. As follows:

Team entries must have the same, or similar, designs. This is at the discretion of the series organiser but you may argue against a decision with sufficient reason or evidence.
Updated Ruling
It has come to the attention of myself (Mr Driv3) that I am not as well versed in the many types of motorsport that TORA hosts and such, omitted the idea that teams may run cars that have TOTALLY different liveries. After about 5 minutes of deliberation with other staff members, we all realised the best option for this series was to throw out the similar/same rule and allow teams to run completely different liveries if they so wish. This will not of course affect any teams that wish to run the same or similar paint schemes.

I hope that this allows more creative freedom for this series and lets teams really let their colours show. I'm looking forward to all of the schemes we see for this!

Cheers guys

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