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Production Sedan - Livery & Decal Rules

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Production Sedan - Livery & Decal Rules Empty Production Sedan - Livery & Decal Rules

Post by Koenigsegg R on Sun 6 Jan 2019 - 15:14

The livery rules for Production Sedan are simplified to allow for your own interpretation of how your car should look.

All we ask is numbers should be placed on both sides of the car somewhere between the front and rear wheels, the TORA logo to be easily read on both sides, and the TORA url banner to be easily read on the rear. Here are some examples:

Production Sedan - Livery & Decal Rules 39752289303_1bbe988922_z

Window tinting is strictly forbidden.

Strictly no tobacco sponsorship, sponsorship or depictions of of illicit drugs, or explicit/offensive designs.

Team entries must have the same base design, but colors and details may be different. Team entries with a different base design could be advised to generate more uniformity. This is at the discretion of the series organiser but you may argue against a decision with sufficient reason or evidence.

TORA reserves the right to penalise teams for misconduct of the above rules.

Production Sedan - Livery & Decal Rules HiRFIVRProduction Sedan - Livery & Decal Rules F0Ubl2sProduction Sedan - Livery & Decal Rules Cs7jRnKProduction Sedan - Livery & Decal Rules R2kIRBg
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