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May Contain Spoilers - The British Grand Prix

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May Contain Spoilers - The British Grand Prix

Post by AMR of the Apex on Thu 8 Jul 2010 - 2:43

It's the British GP this weekend, at Silverstone, Everyone's going to turn up. For this is 2009* and its going to be the last time It'll be at the historic venue, hell it may even be the last time there will be a British Grand Prix, the new venue certainly does not look even remotely ready let alone had any work done to it, There might not even be any more F1 the way these teams are behaving, selfish bastards.

*dont panic, this is just setting the scene, just go with it.

What a difference a year makes, Bernie Ecclestone was prepared to slam the Formula 1 branded stake into the palpitating heart of British motorsport by conning everyone with his Donington or No Donington masterplan, Max Mosely also had a grand scheme to collapse the wonderland that belonged to the recession deficient yuppies in the sport by forcing them to go cold turkey on their spending. Thus opening the doors to the people that could think they could enter F1 with anything.

Max and Jean Todt, while the Frenchman was still working for Ferrari, I wonder if Ferrari had a greater Influence on the FIA's presidency.

Mosely's pretty much vanished since he hung up the spurs and passed the sheriff's badge onto Jean Todt, who somehow managed to convince Bernie to keep Silverstone on the calendar, of all the manipulators in the world, Bernie was pwned for that brief moment, and probably wont get fooled again, Silverstone may be flourished with new changes, but that was to suit Moto GP standards rather than the demands of the short white haired one. Which is also probably why he's gone a bit overboard with his endless wave of new venue proposals. Where next shorty? Austin, Texas? No? New York? what are you mad? Yes I like the idea of an F1 race next to the statue of Liberty, but its just not going to happen, Spain? Another race in Spain? ERITREA?!?!? Calm Down!

Trust me, Jean Todt hasn't retained his Ferrari overalls just to wear in F1 paddocks, but he mayaswell, it would not spurise me.

Max resigned his post to stop FOTA (which stands for Fornicating Oafs and Tosspots Alliance) forming their originally visioned breakaway championship, which to this day is as much of a myth as what would have come of the Donington GP, or indeed USF1, belonging with the other side of the cost-cutting tempest which is now the dredgers domain of Hispanica, Lotus and Virgin, with the Fomula One Teams Association getting what they wanted, these three teams now reside at the back of the pack relying on the laws of physics to keep the cars tootling around in the 180mph range around the many dull venues that, yes, thats right, Bernie thought it would be a good place to go to, and thus getting in the way of the guys at the top of the pile, who without their selfish demands, would not be there to block them.

And so we return to Silverstone, the track that, in another universe, is playing host to Moto GP on its lonesome, with only 750 Motor Club meetings and the BTCC to comfort it, maybe even the Autosport 1000kms. We will once again be able to see our heroes, our champions, around Copse, Becketts, Stowe and Woodcote. With all the new bits, Farm, Arena...........Wellington.

A Sigh of Relief? No...

...100 miles up the road, there lies a tarnished wreck, the other factor that put Silverstone under the cosh, another figament of the imagination now that Bernie, Simon Gillet (not related to George Gillet doing the same thing to another ageing dinosaur) and other un-name-ables, made plans, which in some ways INEVITABLY backfired and have molested the old Moto GP venue, and the place where Ayrton Senna's legacy firmly stamped itself, on behalf of the late Tom Wheatcroft who was the man who had no control over it, he and the circuit, which is now basically an unfinished scalextric layout, are the big victims in all of this, when there could have been so many others had the dice not landed on the right sides, the victims of a financially fronted warfare, the dust may have settled on Silverstone and its new layout, and with the names already given to the new turns and straights, Wellington died after the battle of Trafalgar, lets hope Donington doesnt die after the battle of Max, FOTA, Bernie and Silverstone.

The iconic Dunlop bridge at Donington, the first thing to be knocked down, lets hope its the first thing to go back up.
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