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New Racer from the Northwest!

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New Racer from the Northwest!

Post by Euromedian on Tue 10 Jul 2012 - 7:13

Hey, I'm Euromedian and I've recently taken an interest into getting more serious with my online racing and join TORA!

I'm a little lost around here for now, but if you could be willing to help me out on getting on a team and getting into team meetings, practices, races, etc., please contact me. I am new you know!

I'm flexible in many Race Categories EXCEPT Nascar. I refuse to do Nascar. Anything else is okay by me.

A little about myself, I have been into cars since as long as I can remember. Ever since I've been treading this earth, I've been at a race track. My father brought me straight from the hospital after birth for a whole week of him racing Super Bikes (Crotch Rockets). So I've grown up, and grown to racing. And since I had the correct motor-skills and able to hold a game controller, I've been virtually racing in all types of genres basically my whole life (10+ years [Started as early as age 4! I am 14 years of age! VERY mature so please have controversy among my age] ), so I have A LOT of experience under my belt.

Feel free to add me on Xbox LIVE, my gamertag is Euromedian. But please leave a message saying your from TORA so I know your not some random kid that wants to add me. Thanks Very Happy

Reminder: PLEASE contact me on joining a team. Anything but Nascar. Well skilled in Endurance and Touring. But I am VERY flexible.

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Re: New Racer from the Northwest!

Post by drwfan99 on Tue 10 Jul 2012 - 7:44

Welcome to TORA!


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