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TORA News Special Community Spotlight - IRT Trash 13.11.2012

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TORA News Special Community Spotlight - IRT Trash 13.11.2012 Empty TORA News Special Community Spotlight - IRT Trash 13.11.2012

Selectiverogue catches up with TORA driver IRT Trash -

Gamertag – IRT Trash

TORA Join Date – March 2012

Current TORA role (i.e. driver, team owner, steward etc) - Driver, freelance tuner and Race steward

Current Team(s) you drive for – M&M racing in the TEC

Current series you have entered - TASCAR , SuperGT

Current favourite TORA series or event – TORA GT is the top of my list but due to real life commitments I can't enter but its always great to see the build up and aftermath of each race.

Favourite car driven during a TORA event or series – Without doubt the best car was the M&M racing Lamborghini that was used for the Britcar 24, many hours was spent tuning this car and I like to think it was time well spent.

Favourite livery on any TORA sanctioned car - I don't know, I've seen many fantastic paints in my time here but a personal favourite is the Jaguar of CQR that can be seen in the TORA GT series. Don't ask why, it just looks classy.

Can you describe any great races you have had during the 2012 season (pick 1 or 2 moments you can recall) and describe what makes the racing great – I've too many good memories of close racing here, no matter who or when I always end up in a good battle and I hope anyone that races me thinks the same. One stand out moment for me was watching TORA live Britcar 24, seeing my team mates Andy, Richy and Ian hauling some serious butt while i just sat at the monitor itching to get behind the wheel, i ended up awake for 36 hours that weekend tweeking the lambo prior to race then watching all the stints i wasn't driving in, haha.

What sets TORA apart from other series – I've been apart of the Forza community for a few years now and I've met some awesome guys and gals on my travels through several so called community racing leagues but for some reason i have never felt a sense of welcome until i came here (thanks AngelKristensen). For me TORA has no ego or control freaks it just is what it is and to me its a community of like minded guys that are all here for the same thing and that's our love of Forza and motorsport .

Does TORA feel like you are taking place at a real world series – I've been to quite a few real race events and yeah TORA does have that feel of real racing well i like to think so anyway. It may be virtual but we still put in time preparing our cars prior to each event, we qualify, we race and every now and then we all feel anger and joy by our on track antics.

What can be done to improve TORA – I personally have no ideas to improve things here, it's best to just let TORA evolve and see where it leads us.

Any closing comments to the community -Wow, so many people to thank i cant get around to them all, TORA staff stewards and race marshals, I salute you all the hard work you do on and off site. It's a step above the call of duty, and I hope everyone here knows that you do it for the community and not yourself. The community, you too are awesome, no egos, no crying lets keep it that way! Wink

peace Trash.

Huge thanks to Trash if you would like to be a featured driver please let me know.

TORA News Special Community Spotlight - IRT Trash 13.11.2012 2666031

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TORA News Special Community Spotlight - IRT Trash 13.11.2012 :: Comments


Post on Tue 13 Nov 2012 - 16:22 by ErebusV8

Well said Trash, agree completely besides the best car driven and best battle as I wasn't a part of them, but great read, can't wait for some more

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Post on Tue 13 Nov 2012 - 16:31 by Mandown46

Nice idea, I still have fond memories of working with Trash for the 24 hours Le Mans.
Nice job Smile

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Post on Tue 13 Nov 2012 - 16:48 by Standaman94

Mandown46 wrote:I still have fond memories of working with Trash

Good read indeed. Keep up the good work, Trash. A fast clean driver, a fair steward, and a good teammate for any team. Cheers

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Post on Wed 14 Nov 2012 - 1:49 by Richy59

It's been an honor to have you on the TEC team Trash, great teammate and always willing to help out with tuning and painting. Hopefully we can do it again in the future Very Happy

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F4H Lotterer

Post on Wed 14 Nov 2012 - 3:36 by F4H Lotterer

Cheers guys its been a pleasure working with you all Smile

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Post on Wed 14 Nov 2012 - 5:36 by Racert46

Fun to read, great idea. Hope to see some more of these.

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Post on Wed 14 Nov 2012 - 7:21 by Crisis Nine

Yeah great read and some real positive comments there. Coming from sombody who has been around the Forza community for some time it is high praise indeed.

Always helpful when looking for tunes as well.

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BG Beanz

Post on Wed 14 Nov 2012 - 12:48 by BG Beanz

I like this, great to have these kind of things on here.

You were wrong about one thing though, our Vodafone BG BMW has blatantly the best looking livery! Razz

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