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OnPole Racing

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  • 20130428
    Forum name: sFBrandy96
    Gamer Tag: sF Brandy

    by CQR Rogue - Comments: 547 - Views: 11992
  • 20190608
    We are launching an official TORA Discord Server! We will post an open link on the forums so that all members, new and old, can join the server. You can find the link here (https://discord.gg/E265mhs). There are important things about the server to remember:

    • This is NOT replacing the forums. The Discord will be used for contacting TORA staff at short notice and to discuss current series. All series registration/license applications will remain on these forums.
    • This is NOT required....

    by DDM BigBen - Comments: 3 - Views: 10527
  • 20200430
    Here at TORA I'm always trying to find new ways of improving the way the events are ran, this started with automating the calculations in the spreadsheets, but there is only so much that can be done with a spreadsheet

    I have therefore created a new web application which I am calling the "Online Racing Manager", all of our current race series are now being managed by this and can be found at the following link
    (with the exception of endurance as they aren't even similar in the way they're managed so require programming completely different)

    by TJSteel - Comments: 0 - Views: 10031
  • 20200112

    by DDM BigBen - Comments: 0 - Views: 2437
  • 20190608
    Please Note: The intention of these ratings is that anyone can still race in any series. This was designed in a way to convey the difficulty of the series as well as our expectations for driving standards.  

    Tier 1 (Multi-Class): TEC, ASCC, BGT, etc. (Color: GOLD)
    These series are among the most difficult, and are designed for the most experienced drivers on the site. Two or more classes on the track at the same time requires extra spatial awareness, whether it be a sprint race or an endurance race.
    It is not encouraged that a driver make their...

    by DDM BigBen - Comments: 0 - Views: 4812
  • 20160128
    Hi All,

    I made a quick form for you all to send us any suggestions you might have for the site, can be filled in anonymously too should you with to leave out your Gamertag

    by TJSteel - Comments: 0 - Views: 8500
  • 20150720
    Before submitting an SI, please click the spoiler below.

    Help us help you by making the process more efficient.

    Staff and stewards are volunteers, please respect that and please follow the instructions to ensure your SI is acceptable.

    Snape kills Dumbledore:


    by LMR Deftone MX - Comments: 0 - Views: 10600
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  • 20140818
    OnPole Racing will be leaving TORA and moving to participate in championships held on Virtual Motorsports for the foreseeable future as myself and the team feel it is in our best interests to race there. I thank all the TORA staff for there hard work and effort in organizing some amazing series and for sharing and promoting them. The future is bright for online sim racing series.

    Thank You


    by CQR Myles - Comments: 4 - Views: 1055
  • 20140228
    Somehow it’s been 3 months since the start of the year already, this is clearly evident that aliens are manipulating time as it's passing way too quickly. Anyhow Forza 5 is suiting me and my teams driving style and in the Spec cup we're already picking up podiums consistently it's first overall pole position at Leguna Seca and overall win at Sebring. err that’s about it for racing news, I've got Big Stuff going on with Uni and trying to raise thousands of pounds to try and kick start my racing career, in addition I've accidently become involved in Project CARS with Ginetta in requesting teams and...

    by CQR Myles - Comments: 0 - Views: 709
  • 20131113
    The end of the season already, that went by quickly! It was a very hit and miss season as we missed several races due to important commitments and sadly failed our target to get into lobby A although we did get very close on several occasions but the competition was so tight a tenth of a second could move you about 5 places up the leader board and we just were not lucky enough. We never really got the car sorted out even with assistance with setup we could rarely push the car to the max and when we could we still didn't have out right pace. Thank you to the TORA staff involved with this as everything...

    by CQR Myles - Comments: 0 - Views: 716
  • 20130819
    OnPole Racing will enter 4 BMW 1M's for the coming season with 2 teams of 2, having missed the previous season with issues with reliability and a unsatisfactory car leading to a full withdraw. Having made steps forward in setups the cars are in there final stages of preparation and will be shown in full livery at the official test.

    by CQR Myles - Comments: 0 - Views: 585
  • 20130727
    OnPole racing is currently looking for a GTE driver to alongside Demo to drive their BMW M3 GT2.

    In the previous round of the ISCC at Road America, qualifying saw the OnPole beamer take 2nd place on the grid, but a disconnect halfway through produced a disappointing result for us. Obviously the OnPole beamer has the pace to be fighting at the front, and we are looking for a competitive driver to join Demo in the top 10 drivers.

    For anyone wishing to join the team, please feel free to send either Myles Prower or myself a message on TORA or Xbox Live.

    Myles XBL...

    by Demo Marksman - Comments: 1 - Views: 744
  • 20130708
    Qualifying went well as it is usually my weak point most of the time being only 0.2 of a second off lobby A, the start also went well and I was able to break away from the chasing LMPC cars, changes were made to the car before the race to try to improve pace and they did work on the smooth sections of the track but on the concrete sections through turn 17 and 1 the car was uncontrollable bouncing wildly which lost what I reckon about half a second a lap and eventually lead to me hitting the wall and damaging the brakes and suspension forcing me to make my mandatory pitstop, I lost the lead of LMPC...

    by CQR Myles - Comments: 0 - Views: 622
  • 20130624
    First ISCC test was was deemed successful with both GTE and LMPC cars running consistantly fast lap times confirming that our tuning is working well after fixing issues with damping and brakes so we can be competitive from the go, in addition a tuning collaboration with Team Ryal was set up and I hope our outsourced tuning will be highly recomended. In addition OnPole Raing will be carried over and continue in Forza 5 with the new generation Xbox Console as we intend to continue our participation in TORA, the current driver line up will be retained with the prospect of a new rookie driver to develop...

    by CQR Myles - Comments: 1 - Views: 1005
  • 20130610
    Okay ISCC entry in, thank you Demo because I was busy and we may have had no entry at all for the GTE class, we are still looking for drivers so contact me if your interested, we may have a top class leader board topping driver coming in for LMPC space but it depends on his availability and my charm. Also the final round of the SPEC club in the VW's is this Wednesday with 2 cars going for gold hopeing to end with a bang and not careering off the cliff at Camino Viejo and replicating the ending of the Italian Job.

    by CQR Myles - Comments: 0 - Views: 808
  • 20130605
    Driven by OnPole Racing driver Demo Marksman, the previous 2 rounds at Hockenheim and Mugello saw the OnPole car take a pair of 5th positions fighting off tough opposition from rival Audi R8 Cup Driver Big Hamish.

    Hockenheim featured an aggressive drive from the OnPole car from 8th on the grid and a monumental 29 lap battle with Big Hamish until finally making the move stick after a close fought battle for 5th. Credit to Big Hamish for his clean driving his ability to drive consistently under pressure.

    Mugello was the first round of the season to feature a 'super pole lap'...

    by Demo Marksman - Comments: 0 - Views: 576
  • 20130605
    The Audi R8 Cup plays host to a lone OnPole Racing entry featuring a rather fetching purple livery.

    by Demo Marksman - Comments: 0 - Views: 559
  • 20130605
    Well we got our own little section now which is brilliant. Onpole Racing started off in Race Driver GRID after taking a likeing to the sponsor "Onpole.com" and has progressed into competitive online racing, we take things seriously and aim to bring out the best of the car and driver. We will support anyone in our team with top tunes to suit them in addition to developing their technique and driving style, we aim to be fighting at the front.

    by CQR Myles - Comments: 1 - Views: 672

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