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wired vs wireless controller

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wired vs wireless controller Empty wired vs wireless controller

Post by BlahBlahBlah907 on Sun 29 Apr 2018 - 16:00

Is there any significant difference with input response on FM7 via xbox using a controller wired vs wireless?

I'm considering revamping my racing situation to a wired controller & a high refresh rate HD monitor, instead of just sitting back in the recliner in front of the old TV.

I figure someone else has done this and I'm wondering on how it improved your racing,


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wired vs wireless controller Empty Re: wired vs wireless controller

Post by JGROVES1996 on Sun 29 Apr 2018 - 20:38

I've never noticed a difference between running wired and wireless. I usually run wired in TORA races just to ease my battery worries, but I race wireless a lot too and can never tell even the slightest difference!

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