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IndyCar Florida GP at Sebring Round 4 9/7/19

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IndyCar Florida GP at Sebring Round 4 9/7/19 Empty IndyCar Florida GP at Sebring Round 4 9/7/19

Post by SFM Darkzer on Sat 7 Sep 2019 - 19:38

September 7th Sebring 28 Laps = 100 Miles

Qualifying- Qualifying will be 15 minutes for drivers to post their fastest lap. Once 15 minutes are up drivers are to complete the lap they are on. On the cool-down lap drivers are to meet up on the outside of turn 1 for time recording. ONLY CLEAN LAPS WILL COUNT! Dirty laps will place drivers at the back of the field. Should there be more than 1 driver recording dirty laps they will be placed in order on lap time. Please see track description below on track limits that are allowed and are enforced.

Race - Will be grid in qualifying order and will race to the set distance for the race.

All drivers must respect the pit blend lines on entrance and exit at all times.

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Track and race descriptions
-Use of e-brake is prohibited
-Drivers may go up to the wall on the inside of Turns 1 & 17, and out to the wall of Turn 17 only. All other corners, respect "Forza Clean" track limits.
-Qualifying will be "Forza Clean"
-If you intend to enter the pits warn people that you will be doing so!
-Stay to the far Right until way is clear while exiting the pits.
-Damage model will be simulation.
-Track Limits are considered to be the White Lines around the circuit they will be enforced on the inside and exit of corners for this race.
Where there is a curb on the inside or outside that is considered the edge of the circuit not the white line. (Do not abuse corner exit run off)

Everyone is signed in for todays race.

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IndyCar Florida GP at Sebring Round 4 9/7/19 EeiIi55IndyCar Florida GP at Sebring Round 4 9/7/19 Xnio3s10
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