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GT Cup - Livery Rules

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GT Cup - Livery Rules Empty GT Cup - Livery Rules

Post by SFM Darkzer on Wed 16 Oct 2019 - 23:14

For this series, there will be class specific number boards and class identifier panels.
This will be posted here, along with suggested placement.

All entries must display the raceTORA.com URL on the front and rear bumper. Please use Ax4x Big Ben or SFM Darkzer's shared version if you wish to trace your own.

All of the following required vinyls can be found by searching w/ these terms:
GT Cup - Livery Rules Gtc10
Above the windshield, all cars must run the "GT Cup Banner Centre".
Class-specific number boards must be clearly visible on both doors, and optionally on the hood.
Class identification circles must be placed on either the left or right side of the rear bumper.

The "BUTE" logo must be placed opposite the class circle on the rear bumper.
GT Cup - Livery Rules Bute10

Pirelli is the only permitted tire sponsor, and must be placed on all 4 corners of the car.

GT Cup - Livery Rules Gt_cup12
GT Cup - Livery Rules Gt_cup13
GT Cup - Livery Rules Gt_cup14

Window tinting is strictly forbidden.

Strictly no tobacco sponsorship, sponsorship or depictions of of illicit drugs, or explicit/offensive designs.

Team entries must have the same, or similar, designs. This is at the discretion of the series organizer but you may argue against a decision with sufficient reason or evidence.

TORA reserves the right to penalize teams for misconduct of the above rules.

The Darkzer Divebomb™️
GT Cup - Livery Rules EeiIi55GT Cup - Livery Rules Xnio3s10
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2018 RORA KTCC - P3
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GT Cup - Livery Rules Empty Re: GT Cup - Livery Rules

Post by Freheliaz on Mon 28 Oct 2019 - 19:19

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GT Cup - Livery Rules Empty Re: GT Cup - Livery Rules

Post by NothelleN340 on Tue 29 Oct 2019 - 0:27

Probably a good idea to have a google search for how the cars in the series look

Here’s the series officially gallery page as well, maybe pick up some paint ideas and the vinyls used and where they place them



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GT Cup - Livery Rules Empty Re: GT Cup - Livery Rules

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