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it's pronounced "riff fit."

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it's pronounced "riff fit." Empty it's pronounced "riff fit."

Post by Riphyte on Mon 23 Mar 2020 - 20:03

hello! my name's izzy. i'm a 20-year-old musician living in California, USA who's had a love of cars and racing her whole life ever since she played Midnight Club on the PS2 as a toddler. i love music, fashion, and looking at interests normally seen as simple or unintelligent with a very academic eye. i found TORA through the Forza Racing Championship twitter sharing the association's events, and decided the recent quarantining would make a fantastic opportunity to improve my racing skills which i've mostly left to plateau in mediocrity with no shared community to push me forward. i'm currently unassociated with any team, but i'm very much open to offers if you decide you'd like to have me on board. add me on Xbox! i invented my tag when i was 17 in a deliberate attempt to make a unique, unpronounceable tag, but out of kindness i've decided to spoil the pronunciation guide in the title of this post. i hope we can have a good time!!

p.s. : if you want to talk to me about things that are not digital car racing, ask me about guitars, hip-hop, clothes, DDR, vaporwave, or "heavy metal."

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it's pronounced "riff fit." Empty Re: it's pronounced "riff fit."

Post by Ax4x Bayless 39 on Tue 24 Mar 2020 - 0:28

Welcome aboard. We currently have a spec Miata cup happening on Thursday's. Feel free to register for the series and join in.
Ax4x Bayless 39
Ax4x Bayless 39

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it's pronounced "riff fit." Empty Re: it's pronounced "riff fit."

Post by EZT MAKO 6669 on Tue 24 Mar 2020 - 14:56

Welcome!! Cool

it's pronounced "riff fit." Y4AOm8B

it's pronounced "riff fit." Y4movPdIlYxvVboZf8g041PCZfF5YuW2Z9nt8ICgoFosZInf4wyO2gspu6tP18cB9E8t-2yOsFPNGkOCk_8qyidyYR0ZLrsIfcBx__TQXuvskFfKHVi_If9EjyY2DkuSzDtMiehy9fURm60uWboMdNetJNLCClH3ixM0_dciwgGiLz6Uev8fTipBuZNVqdIYp_9g5PUBHMB4kXfjQXzxhRcdg?width=280&height=45&cropmode=none
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ok then it's pronounced "riff fit." MMW7lPFit's pronounced "riff fit." Ugzq3mEit's pronounced "riff fit." SyP3J7Vit's pronounced "riff fit." ThRRsUxit's pronounced "riff fit." UDO8mUuit's pronounced "riff fit." DG54pTI Smile

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it's pronounced "riff fit." Empty Re: it's pronounced "riff fit."

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